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Kolkata’s premier medical care institution which has established a name for excellence across the country, Belle Vue Clinic was a dream come true for its founders, the late Shri M.P Birla and his wife, Late Smt. Priyamvada Birla. They desired that the Clinic be like a “temple and people must get that feeling when they enter it” with standards that match those of any world-class clinic. With its commitment to excellence in patient care, service, diagnosis as well as prognosis, the Clinic, since its inception in 1967, has lived up to that desire.

Equipped with the finest resources of medical science, the Clinic’s emphasis is on relief, reassurance, recovery and rehabilitation. At Belle Vue Clinic, a patient is not just a bed number. They are considered a member of the Belle Vue family. A scrupulously clean and homely ambience is provided. There is always service with a smile. Comparing favourably with the world’s best medical institutions, the Clinic had the first ICCU in the private sector in 1971 and was the first centre to start renal transplant. It is the best centre for patients undergoing ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and the first centre in Eastern India conducting tissue typing for Organ Transplant patients. The Clinic is not only a pioneer but a trendsetter in the area of health care in Eastern India.

Belle Vue Clinic is a 304-bed, multi-speciality facility that provides comprehensive and affordable care to patients suffering from various ailments. Known widely to patients for advanced management in Cardiology, Critical Care, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Trauma &Orthopaedic, Reconstructive (Plastic) Surgery, ENT, Paediatrics, Oncology, Neurology, Bariatric Surgery, Dermatology, Urology, Emergency Services and complete Outdoor Diagnostics covering all areas of medicine.

Belle Vue Clinic is committed to improving the health of society, in general. The hospital provides home care like facility for chronic / terminally ill patients. For every case, a concerted effort is made by each employee, not only to treat diseases but also prevent them.

Priyamvada Birla Institute of Nursing - Unit of Belle Vue Clinic

Priyamvada Birla Institute of Nursing aims to be the leading centre for nursing education and practice. Located at Rajarhat, Kolkata, Priyamvada Birla the Institute prepares its students to excel as clinicians and nursing leaders in a rapidly evolving health care system.Priyamvada Birla Institute of Nursing aims to enable its students to practice at the highest level of professionalism, providing accurate, independent diagnosis and effective treatment. Our students will master all facets of nursing care from the basics to the most complex and put them into practice within an inter-disciplinary health care team. Instilled with the values and principles of nursing excellence, our nurses will realize their passion for making a difference in the lives of their patients.

Our faculties serve as both educators and role models. Most maintain an active practice, introducing students to the challenges of nursing care by bringing real experiences into the classroom.Their participation is wide-ranging, from best clinical practices to effective health policy, and are helping shape the delivery of care in this country and around the world.