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Renal transplant is performed on patients with end-stage renal failure that is when the kidney function is irreversibly reduced to below 15% of normal. Living donor kidney transplant is performed when the first-degree relatives of the patient agree to voluntarily donate a kidney.

The Living Donor

There are times when a family member donates a kidney out of his own will. That person is called a ‘living donor’. The living donor must be at the best of his health and well-informed about transplantation. After undergoing tests, any healthy person can therefore donate a kidney without any harm.

The Deceased Donor

This type of a donor refers to a person who has suffered brain death. The brain-dead person’s near-relatives consent to donate the brain-dead patient’s kidneys to a recipient who might be needing a kidney transplant in the days to come.

Belle vue Clinic is the first hospital in eastern India to start renal transplantation. The department of Nephrology and Kidney transplantation unit is supported by the most advanced dialysis techniques and offers round the clock medical services.

Our experienced team consists of recognized surgeons who are experts in all aspects of services related to Renal Transplantation and Nephrology.

The transplantation unit is equipped with 3 bed – NU A, NU B and NU C with continuous monitoring and other supportive equipments.

Dr.Sasanka Sekhar Saha