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The Department of Dietetics at Belle Vue Clinic is fully committed to providing the Highest Quality Dietetics Services and to Assess the Nutritional Needs of the patients, ensuring that patients get the required Nourishment for Clinical Improvement. They address complex Nutritional Health issues in order to enhance and improve quality of life.

The Dietary services are available for both Outpatients as well as Inpatients. The services offered by the Dietetics Department include:

  • Dietary Consultation and Counselling.
  • Nutritional Screening and Assessment of patients.
  • Dietary Planning based on condition of the patient.
  • Preparation of Diet Chart (Inpatients and Out Patients).
  • Homogeneous diet Planning.
  • Food Testing.
  • Food service Supervision.

Outpatient services:

The Department of Dietetics provides Outpatient Nutrition services within the Hospital Premises. Nutrition experts from the department provide Consultation to the Outdoor Patients for Management of Specific Dietary needs in many different areas, including Cardiac Care, Diabetes & Childhood and Renal Diseases.

Inpatient services:

The Department of Dietetics provides Nutritional Care, Advice and Education to Patients during their stay at Belle Vue Clinic and also after discharge if required. The Dietitians work in collaboration with the Clinicians to provide a Multidisciplinary Approach to the care of the patient.