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Diabetes can be a lifelong condition. It is an increasingly widespread health issue in India and has serious long – term   consequence.

Diabetes is the cause of cardiac problems and kidney failure in many patients. It is a killer disease with epidemic proportions in Asia and  especially in India. The disease keeps on progressing in most people   with ongoingcomplications in many organs in the body. It is associated with high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, faulty liver disease, obesity and polycystic ovary disease causing the metabolic syndrome.

Diabetes is at risk for developing:

  • Heart disease or strokes.
  • Kidney disease and eventually kidney failure, which may require either a kidney transplant or dialysis.
  • Nerve damage which can lead to digestive and bladder problems, sexual dysfunction and numbness and tingling in the legs.
  • Foot problems including ulcers, and poor circulation, which can lead to amputation.
  • Eye complications such as glaucoma, cataract and nerve damage, which can lead to blindness.

Our team of expert Consultants are available to offer consultation on these diseases and complications.

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