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To provide protection against sexual harassment of women and for the prevention and redressal of complaint of sexual harassment.


This policy and procedure applies to all employees and associated of BVC Kolkata.


  • Employee of BVC entitled to a working environment that is free from sexual harassment.
  • All employees who believes he/she has been victim of sexual harassment is encouraged to report the incident(s) or action(s) as soon as possible after the alleged harassment occurs.


  • A female employee who believes she has aggrieved of sexual harassment in the alleged act as soon as possible she will inform to presiding officer or any member of the sexual harassment and prevention committee.
  • Provided that such complaint can’t be maintained in writing the presiding officer/member shall render all reasonable assistance to woman for making complaint in writing.
  • For complaints of serious nature the complaints shall be in writing to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Upon receipt of the written complaint the presiding officer will immediately initiate an investigation of the complaint as required by law.


The committee shall proceed to make inquiry into the complaint in accordance with provision of service rules applicable to employee. Provided further that where both the parties are employees, the party shall during the course of inquiry be given an opportunity of being heard on camera and a copy of the findings shall be made available to both the parties enabling them to make representation against the findings before the committee. On completion of inquiry the committee will submit report within 10 days to C.E.O and parties. When the internal committee arrives at the conclusion that the allegation against the respondent has been proved, it shall be recommended to the C.E.O to take action for sexual harassment as misconduct in accordance with the provisions of service rules of the Clinic.

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