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The Food and Beverage Department provides meals to patients as per the instructions of the Dietitian and Clinician. The Department works in Collaboration with the Dietetics Department to ensure that patients receive meals as per the Diet Order. The Department staff works in continuous communication with Dietitians with respect to making the right Diet available to the patient and ensuring Food Safety.

The department saliently functions on:

  • Planning of the volume of Food and Beverages.
  • Ensuring Food Safety and continuity of services – in terms of storage and availability of cooking materials and Safe handling of the food items.
  • Planning of necessary kitchen equipments and installations.
  • Food preparation for the patient and staff.
  • Managing the staff canteen.
  • Safe and proper transportation of food to the patient care areas.
  • The Food and Beverage services for the Outdoor patients and visitors is provided by Garden Café.