24 x 7 Service24 x 7 Service EmergencyEmergency: 91630 58000

The Belle Vue Clinic’s Blood Centre provides round the clock service to ensure Safe Transfusions and quality care to patients. It is equipped with the Latest Equipment for processing Blood and Blood Products with an objective to make Safer Blood and Blood Products available.

24×7 service which includes -

  • Blood Donation- Donor Screening & Medical Check up of Donors.
  • Checking of Donor Haemoglobin % by Hemocontrol / Hemocue.
  • Screening of Donated Blood Units for HIV 1&2, HBSAG & HCV by TPHA and Chemiluminescence & Malaria by Immunchromatography.
  • Supply of various components apart from Whole Blood.
  • Packed (conc.) Red Blood Cells (with standard shelf life of 35 days as well as extended shelf life of 42 days when collected in sagm).
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma.
  • Random Donor Platelet Concentrate (rdp).
    • Cross Matching By Column Agglutination (Gel) Technology.
    • Transfer of Blood/ Blood Components & Neonatal & Paediatrics Use By Sterile Connecting Device.
    • Leukoreduced Packed Red Blood Corpuscles.