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Do’s and Don’ts in India

India, like any other country operates on social customs and norms that are often unique to a region or just to the country itself. To make your journey to and stay in India easier, please do note some common precautions you can take while travelling and staying in India:

  • It is safest to wear modest and loose-fitting clothing in public. While cities like Kolkata are often accommodative to western apparel, they might be inappropriate in certain settings such as places of worship and even unsafe in places such as public transport. It is best to wear clothes that cover the shoulders and legs in public.
  • Wearing shoes inside can often mean a sign of disrespect in many places. Private households, several institutions and places of worships, including many churches, require shoes to be taken off at the door. Institutions such as restaurants and shops have no such requirement.
  • Left hands should be used sparingly. Since left hands are considered unclean in Indian and shouldn’t be used for eating or passing objects. Money, especially, should only be handed over with the right hand.
  • Public displays of affection should be avoided. While different degrees of public displays of affection are appropriate in different countries, it’s safe to avoid them in India as even hugging between opposite sexes can be misconstrued in public.
  • Avoid the gesture of pointing fingers towards people as it is considered very rude in India.
  • Be careful when consuming street food as well as food at restaurants as Indian food often contains a heavy and complex combination of spices. Even foreign cuisines might be adapted to the Indian palette in India, so one should make sure that the food is safe for their health before consuming it.