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For international patient Medical Visa is required as per the FRRO (India) rules & guidelines. However if any patient is not having a medical visa, he / she can get medical treatment using the tourist visa but the patient is required to apply to FRRO for converting the tourist visa to medical visa.

Patients may seek assistance from PRO desk for online application. There will no cost implied for conversion of tourist visa to medical visa. 6.

Medical VISA will be mandatory for the following cases:

  • Transplant patients
  • Pakistani patients

If Stay in India is exceeding the sanctioned period mentioned in the tourist visa, then patient have to apply to FRRO. The period of stay of the patient has to be calculated from the time the tourist arrives in India and not from the time the tourist comes to the hospital for treatment.

If the tourist comes for medical treatment and his/ her tourist visa is nearing the expiry date, then he / she has to go for extension.

A tourist has to be explained that conversion of VISA to medical VISA is free of cost but if they exceed the period of stay, then there is a penalty of $ 300 which he/he has to pay.

Patient from Bhutan and Nepal are exempted from all of the above.

Regarding OPD, medical VISA is not required and a tourist VISA is sufficient, however the details of the patient who has come to OPD for consultation / treatment has to be sent every fortnightly to FRRO by mail which should contain Name, PASSPORT NUMBER, NATIONALITY and other particulars including expiry date of the VISA.